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Financial and accounting services

Elaborating the accounting balance, the monthly balance sheets, the control account, the list of the accounting notes.
Elaborating and submitting the VAT bill.
Elaborating monthly or periodical reports regarding the suppliers and the clients.
Calculating, drawing-up and submitting the reports on the income tax, the dividend tax, the non resident physical and legal entities income taxes held by the income payers.
Drawing-up payrolls.
Drawing-up and submitting the reports related to retributions.
Calculation of the tax obligations and of the contributions to the special funds.
Representing the beneficiary in front of the control organs.

With us you will:

  • know the main penalties in the fiscal legislation and their amount!
  • know how to contest any of the sanctions disposed by the fiscal authorities!
  • Know that your operations will be correctly reflected in your accounting!
  • know which are the operations exempted from VAT.
  • know how to obtain VAT reimbursement.
  • know which the tax exempted salary incomes are.
  • know the obligations of the employers regarding the calculation, withdrawal and transfer of the salary tax!
  • know how to avoid making those mistakes that could cost you tens or hundreds of millions lei!
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